Speccies family run practice in Farnborough


Our family run practice is dedicated to the eye health of your family Speccies was born in 2004 when owners Barry Reid and Sangeeta Koonar, opened their first practice. The building had housed an optometry practice for 20 years previously, meaning that Barry and Sangeeta simply needed to add their own personal touches. As a result, they developed their practice into the family friendly, first class establishment you see today.

The team at our practice is made up of dependable professionals dedicated to providing you with unrivalled care. In 2005 Barry and Sangeeta were joined by Kam Koonar and Helen Reid, making it into a pure family run practice.

We offer comprehensive eye tests, which include dry eye in Farnborough as well as cheap designer glasses, prescription glasses in Basingstoke.

Kam is no stranger to hard work. As well as spending countless hours improving the services we offer, in 2008 he was also acknowledged for his efforts to educate the public. Kam had created a series of informative documents and reports on the effects poor sight can have on driving standards.

He was invited to attend a formal meeting with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. It’s not just our patients at Speccies who benefit from our expertise. Sangeeta recently accepted an invite to work at the local hospital offering eye health care to the patients there. This is a great opportunity for Sangeeta to increase her knowledge of specific parts of the eye such as the macula.

In return she will be able to offer some great new information to our patients in the future.