Tongham Motor Club was formed in 1972, with 30 races or more per meeting, why not come along and see us at Brick Kiln Farm.

TMC aims to provide affordable motor racing for its drivers, an exciting day out for the spectators and encourages families as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a competitor or spectator, you are always assured of a warm welcome.

In May 2017 Tongham Motor Club celebrated its forty-fifth anniversary.

It all started when a group of guys on holiday saw some cars racing on grass, and decided to organise some similar racing in the Aldershot area. The very first meeting was duly held at Normandy in 1972, and consisted of just six race cars and a road car, with the aim of raising funds for charity.

From these humble beginnings the club soon gathered momentum, which initially involved a single class with mostly Minis and Ford Anglias, but also Morris 1000’s, Austin A40’s, Triumph Heralds, etc. The cars were altered into race trim, but no modifications allowed to the engines and suspension. It is interesting to note that the original club logo, depicting the Mini, continues on, as this timeless machine is still used for racing today.

There were numerous venues in farmer’s fields during the early years, with stakes, rope, tyres, straw bales and various other items of equipment transported and erected for each event.

Classes eventually increased with the addition of Hot Rod groups, more Production classes, and a formula for open-wheeled cars called Specials.

In 1978 a number of clubs, including TMC, formed the area organisation SEGTO, in order to standardise rules, to promote fair inter-club racing, and to create an annual championship with rounds held by each of the member clubs. SEGTO still upholds these two principles today.

After a period of seven years at Plaistow in West Sussex, we moved to our current track at Four Marks for the start of the 1984 season.

The site has steadily developed since then into the purpose-built racetrack you see today, with thanks to the co-operation and understanding of the farmer, who has given the club the long term confidence to improve the facilities for both drivers and the general public over the years.

Many changes have occurred during the last four decades, but Tongham Motor Club has always remained friendly and successful, and will no doubt adapt to any new challenges that the future may bring.