Ben used to be Manager there from 2015 to 2018.

I understand that nobody was informed of their closure. I have managed to get some info from the previous owner so am hoping to shed some light on what has happened.

1) They closed due to the rental unit becoming unsafe due to ongoing water damage, which is also why they shut suddenly.

2) Your records are being acquired by one of the local branches of Leightons opticians. I don’t know which one yet, but they will no doubt be in touch in the near future. Unfortunately I don’t know when this will happen. They should also have any glasses/contact lenses or anything else that hasn’t yet been collected.

3) If you have ongoing Direct Debits, you can either cancel them or leave them for Leightons to take over if you have an agreement for contact lenses for example.

4) There are other branches of Speccies. The closest one is in Basingstoke. Speccies – The Specs Warehouse If you remember Barry, he is one of the owners there along with myself.

It is worth making clear that the individual branches are run completely independently of each other and are not linked in any way, so they won’t have access to your notes from the Farnborough branch.

They are offering a 30% discount for previous customers of farnborough to take into account the extra travel.

I hope that helps.

Source: Farnborough Life Group on Facebook Posted by Ben Huckle